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Have you ever stumbled upon someone on the internet and instantly felt a deep connection? This was the case when I found @whole.beings on Instagram. As Harlow and Waylon have grown from infants to toddlers often I think about what lessons I can teach them that will really serve them? My greatest hope for them is to grow up healthy, confident, kind and understand they are the artists of their own lives. Whole Beings is a beautiful example of how we can teach these important lessons to our little loves. The mindful books, recycled art materials and dreamy studio design will have you swooning. 

At Whole Beings Collective they believe in nurturing the whole child- mind, body and spirit. If I didn’t have enough reasons to move to Australia for a few months these special ladies sure did seal the deal. xo 




 Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

We are sisters, early childhood teachers and best friends, born and raised on the Gold Coast, Australia. Our upbringing was a mixture of earthy, coastal and spiritual. By our late 20s we had traveled, studied and worked many different jobs, which inspired us to believe that a creative career was our destiny, as we found no contentment in the 9-5 lifestyle.

What is the Whole Beings Children's Collective? Why did you start it? 

We first had the idea for Whole Beings on our final semesters at university, surely there was more to being a teacher than in a mainstream classroom. To be honest it wasn’t our passion and we found a big gap between early childhood and school. After some big brainstorming sessions, we came up with how WE believed children should be educated. We put our own spin on it, incorporating who we are as people and Whole Beings was born.

We love that we are making such a difference in each little human’s life when they visit our studio. Each day is a step towards creating a movement in holistic education. To watch your own ideas come to life and have an amazing response from the community is so rewarding. At the same time being your own boss is absolutely awesome!

 Our programs are all about nurturing the ‘whole child’ – in mind, body and spirit. There is just so much more to education than academic content, more than ever are we seeing the importance of emotional wellness. We are all about normalizing holistic education and making it as accessible to families as a local coffee shop. If we can empower each child to be confident, creative, intelligent and reveal their unlimited potential, the future of education will change for the better.

At Whole Beings we love nurturing each child’s spiritual growth. Our wish is to have every child practice some kind of mindfulness based practice daily. You can begin your own practices at home, it’s also powerful when you are the role model for your child and practice these techniques personally. You may just take a few minutes of your time to try out our top 5 mindfulness based strategies with your child:


How would you recommend introducing meditation to small children? 

1. Start the day with a positive affirmation or intention -- 'I love being me'.  You may even want to create your own affirmation card together or simply state it lovingly into the mirror.

2. Get in the kitchen & chop up some citrus fruit or fresh herbs -- discuss with your child the smell, taste & feel of each. Give them enough time to be present & ponder their thoughts.

3. Create your own meditation story by simply getting them to close their eyes & take them on a journey to a magical or real-life place you can both relate to.

4. 'Salute the Sun' together or practice some fun yoga poses with values such as -- warrior/brave, tree/peaceful, downward dog/happy, mountain/kind & bridge/strong.

5. Go on a nature walk together -- feel the earth on your soles, collect nature goodies, read the clouds, look at the stars... the possibilities are endless.


What advice would you give new mamas/ toddler mamas? 

Our advice to all mamas is to follow your own intuition when raising your little one. It's all about finding your own holistic rhythm with your child, create practices that suit your families needs and make you feel amazing! Practice self-care, meditation and mindfulness yourself and your children will naturally follow your lead. Give your child your presence, connection and light -- that's all they need! 


Check out their instagram feed @whole.beings or visit them at http://wholebeings.co to learn more about the special place they have created. Maybe we can convince them to open a studio in the states ;) 

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