Sell it all and travel the World?

Ever wonder what it would be like to sell it all and travel the world with your family? It's an idea that has crossed my mind many times. In a world where we can work from our laptop on the beach, anything is possible.  I am so excited to share an interview with the beautiful family behind Raising the Free.  They sold it all to travel the world and have tips on how you can do it too!

This inspiring family is sure to leave you wanting to explore the unknown.  

Tell Us About Yourself
My husband and I are both from San Diego, California and we’ve managed to
raise three amazing little humans—Fox (1), Phoenix (3), Cash (6) in a
beautiful home with all the fixings.  The kids have a great life, Vinny (my
husband) has a good job, and we were generally a very happy bunch — but
we felt that something was…well, missing. Long story short, after tons of self-
reflection and consideration as to how we can grow to be better as family, and
in turn, be a better influence to others around us, we decided to take a giant
leap — we call this our “life cleanse.” 
We sold ALL of our material possessions—our home, cars, clothing, luxury
items, toys, everything— and underwent a complete lifestyle transformation to
travel the world and live a more present, purposeful and intentional lifestyle.
Soaking up experiences and learning from different cultures, one day at a
We also have dedicated ourselves to becoming a family of professional
photographers and journalists with the goal of documenting our journey for
our own personal memories as well as to share with the world.
We're documenting the entire process and sharing it via our blog, instagram
( and YouTube channel

How did you and your husband come to the decision to sell it all and travel with your
It all happened in the matter an instant. In March of 2017, Vinny and I had put
the children down to bed and decided to watch a documentary called Be Here
Now: The Andy Whitfield Story. It wasn’t specifically about travel but more
about living your life to the fullest because you never know when it may end.
Immediately after watching the documentary we looked at each other and said
“what are we doing with our lives?” It was like a lightbulb had just gone off.
We decided right then and there to sell it all and travel.

What has been the biggest surprise about traveling with little ones?
 Their adaptability. There is no question that we have had some hard times, particularly plane rides and long car rides, but it has been incredible to watch them adapt so quickly. For us, it seems that one of our children may have a hard time with something the first time, but by the second time, they now know what to expect and the experience has been much more enjoyable.
Our first flight was something our of a nightmare, but by the second flight, it was already so much better. On top of that, there have been so many new experiences that they just jumped right into with a positive attitude and no issues. They haven’t missed their home or bed one bit and don’t really seem to mind at all that we are always moving.

What tips do you have for mamas that want to take a similar journey?
I think the best piece of advice we had to give is to change your expectations
of what travel is. For us, its not about being on a permanent vacation, but
more about living a different way of life. So this means that as you’re traveling
to new places, where there is so much to do and see, often times you need to
lower your expectations. If the children aren’t having a good day, you need to
be willing to just call it all off and head back to the hotel or villa. The good
news though is that when you’re traveling for an extended period of time, its
not as big of a loss to “do nothing” for an entire day. There will always be
tomorrow and there will always be something new to see. You need to
become ok with the idea that you can’t see and do it all wherever you go.

What is something you do for yourself that makes you a better mama?
Yoga and meditating. This is hands-down the most important thing that I do
for myself to make me a better, more-present mother. I can see the
immediate positive impact it has on my ability to be a great mother when I do
it regularly. It’s unbelievable how much 10 minutes of meditation everyday
can completely change your day.

What has been the hardest part about being a mama?
For me the most challenging part has been mom guilt. Having three, I find that I am often times balancing my time and attention amongst them as well as myself and my husband. I know I’m a good mom and give them so much of me, but at times you still can’t help but feel that its not enough. I think about what it would be like if you only had 1 child and how much time I could give him/her. I’ve come realize though, that no matter how much time I give them, that feeling of guilt will never go away. It’s just something that lives inside me because I want to give them so much.
What’s helped me deal with the guilt is sharing my stories/feelings with others and connecting with other moms who feel the same way.

What is the greatest lesson you want to teach your little ones?
We have 3 core family values that we try to instil in our children in all
that we do.
1. Passion– No matter what you’re doing, do it with passion.
2. Loyalty - Always be there for your family and those you love.
3. Charity - Doing something with your life that helps the greater good.

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