R.V livin never looked so good- Ashley Petrone

 Ashley Petrone is a girl after my own heart. She is blazing her own trail with her three children and husband of several years. Life can be more amazing than you ever dreamed when you think outside of the box, that's exactly what Ashley did.

Read her interview below and be inspired to live life YOUR way. Follow Ashley at @arrowsandbow to see how she renovating her beautiful r.v. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Ashley and I currently live in an RV I renovated with my husband and 3 kids. Two boys and a girl.   
How did your adventure living in an RV begin? 

About a year ago we bought land and decided to take on the adventure of building a house. But in the mean time thought it would be even more exciting to live inside of a trailer. We could save money, travel, and just do something different and out of the ordinary! 

You have amazing style! When did your love of interior design start? 

I’ve always loved design. Even when I was a little girl I would rearrange my room late at night just to have a change. I grew up watching my mom find deals at garage sales and decorate our house beautifully, so the love just grew from there. 

Does your husband have a construction background? You two seem like the reno dream team. 

He did work a little in construction for a summer during college, but we are both the same in that we just figure things out. If we want to do something, we learn how to do it and get it done. We work really well together renovating as a team because we both know we have different strengths, and we let the other person lead when we know they are better at it. 

What tips do you have for creating a beautiful/kid friendly space?  

I’d say don’t spend a ton of money on things that kids can ruin. Couches, pillows, etc... or if you are going to spend more money, make sure you can wash it! I think there are so many great resources out there for beautiful and affordable decor, you don’t need to break the bank on everything. Just splurge on a few things that make a statement. 


What is something you do for yourself that makes you a better mama?

I think allowing myself to have some alone time refuels me. Even if it’s for a few hours. 


You mentioned you are starting to write about your marriage. What are a few things you and your husband do that keeps your marriage thriving?

 We definitely make each other a priority. Our biggest thing in our marriage is time. We love to spend time together. And making time for one another alone is huge. We always want to keep that connection, so being intentional about spending alone time is big, especially in the RV.

What is the greatest lesson you want to teach your little ones? 

I think through this journey I could teach each one of my kids something different because they are all so different and all need a different lessons. But no matter what I just want to love them and show them Gods love. 

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