She's Still Got It: Sophie Jaffe

So excited to share another "She's Still Got It Interview". Sophie Jaffe is a super inspiring mama of two adorable boys. Her openness and desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle is beautiful.  


Can you tell us a little about yourself and

I’m an Los Angeles-based raw food chef and yoga teacher AND mama to two beautiful children with my loving husband, Adi. I founded my company and wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious for people to achieve optimal health by creating Superfood + Protein Blends, superfood-infused Coconut Butters and Manuka Honeys, and a variety of nourishing cleanses. Our products have helped everyone from George Clooney to my own dad achieve vibrant health, and I hope that they continue to positively affect the lives of many others. 

On your ig feed (@philosophiemama) you are so raw and vulnerable. Have you always been this open?  Your openness is so beautiful and refreshing! 

Not at all! Sharing my own intimate experiences has helped me heal and come to terms with some of the more difficult moments in my life by creating a space for others to discuss these sorts of issues and just know that they’re not alone in dealing with them. It also helps us connect more deeply with one another. By stripping down to our truest selves, we allow others to see us for who we really are, and they, in turn, are so much more likely to share with us their true selves, ultimately allowing for greater trust and compassion.

Can you share your secrets to those amazing abs? I'm guessing yoga and diet is part of it, but I'm all ears! 

I can't stress enough how important one’s diet is! You essentially need to burn off more calories than you eat to reduce the body fat. Start by setting realistic expectations. Be patient. Build up your core strength with full body exercises, strength training, and cardio. To reduce body fat and feel good in your skin, reduce salt, breads, soft drinks, and junk. Every workout and every clean meal is one step closer. It's a goal. You have to plan on a slow and steady progression. 

What does a typical meal look like for you and your boys look like? 

It’s really important to me to make dinner for the kiddos + that we all have homemade dinners as a family, sharing our day, experiences + lives together. While the kids are waiting + playing I will put out “appetizers” of raw veggies cut up with some sort of dip like hummus or tahini. For dinner, my go-to meals are either a stir fry made with TONS of fresh veggies or a veggie curry with coconut milk + turmeric.  

Do you have a typical morning routine?

The moment I wake up, I sip on a glass of warm water with a big chunk of fresh lemon. After a long night of sleep, the body needs to hydrate and flush out the digestive system, which the burst of citrus helps to stimulate. 

I’ll then whip up a smoothie for a burst of protein, fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and YUMMINESS! I love tossing fruits, leafy greens, coconut waters and nut milks, + Philosophie superfoods into a blender and having a filling, energizing smoothie ready in 5 minutes. 

And I LOVE starting my mornings with a yoga flow and a few quiet moments of meditation + intention setting. 

What do you hope your boys learn from you?

I hope they do everything from a place of love—that they live their passions and base their actions and decisions on doing what they need to honor their bodies, spirits, and authentic selves. In that space, they’ll be able to grow, change, create, thrive, and GIVE! 

What has been the most challenging part of being married? What has been the best part of being married? 

I’ve had incredibly challenging moments within my marriage and I know some people have wondered why I didn’t just leave it. But I saw a willingness to change in my husband and he followed through. He went to one of the best Ph.D. programs for psychology and is now helping the world as an addiction specialist. I couldn't want anything more from my partner and the father of my children. And when we both recognized our truths, failures, and successes, and actively worked together to support each other, we came out on the other side, stronger than ever. 

What is the most challenging part of motherhood for you? What has surprised you the most about being a mom?

Patience and balance. 

I was shocked to observe that almost all of my body issues and food issues essentially vanished after having children. I think watching my body go through 9 months of change in the most amazing of ways—to create a beautiful baby—made me get outside my own head and obsessive thoughts about not being good enough. Being a mother is an honor, and being a woman with the ability to create, grow, and birth a child is a blessing. I treat myself much more as a blessing now than ever before in life. It's helped me to find PEACE with who I am. 

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by my hubby, Adihe’s one of the most humble, hard-working, LOVING people I’ve ever met. I’m inspired by my babies for the beautiful people they’re growing up to be each day. And I’m inspired by my Philosophie TribeI’m super open about my life, including my ups and my downs, and I love having a community of such strong, supportive, empowering people. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for other mamas? 

You absolutely must give yourself as much self-love as you need without a grain of guilt. Until you are filled UP, you can not give fully to your little loves, friends, husbands, and others in your life. Take long baths when the kids are asleep, drink that glass of wine, book that massage, go out with your best friend. This is okay AND necessary in order to truly be present with your babes. 

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